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I gather five wildflowers in the Sangre de Cristo mountains for this face cream which I call food for the skin. It is restorative with evening primrose and self heal to repair tissue. Violets help protect against skin cancer. Elderflower to soften and protect against skin discoloration and a little rose to tighten the skin. This cream also has the sea buckthorn which is the only herb in this mix that is not from here but I put it in because it has the highest mineral content of any plant on the planet, and it is highly sought after in a face cream. Sea Buckthorn also promotes hydration, elasticity and regeneration of the skin.


This cream has frankincense for wrinkles and apricot kernel oil for mature dry skin. Rose hips for vitamin C.


All my face creams have four natural preservatives but I do recommend keeping them in a cool place out of direct sun to protect the medicinal value. Refrigeration is best. 


Wildflowers on the skin feel good!


*Now Vegan with candelillia wax instead of beeswax being used in the making of the cream. Candelillia is a wild harvested plant in southern New Mexico, Texas and Mexico. It has all the same properties as beeswax but is lighter. Like beeswax it is a hemectant allowing the skin to breath and at the same time holds moisture in. Every year in Mexico they have a Candellia festival to celebrate the plants gifts.


"Thanks so much Cindy! I love the wildcrafted products. My skin has never looked Better"

Many Blessings

Christen Nayehalski  3/2/2023



wildflower face cream Sangre de Cristo mix

SKU: 0002
  • Food for the skin!  I gather five wildflowers for this repairative face cream from the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


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