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The first to appear in the spring, beautiful delicate white violet blossomes have a purity to them.   I made this essence early dawn with dew drops on the petals creating pure alchemy from the elements. Fire from the sun, water from condensed air moisture creating dew and grounded in the earth where the violets grow.


This remedy contains three white native flowers indigenous to the landscape here in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, along with the white violet is angelica and white yarrow.  The scent is soft, subtle and soothing with violet leaf scent absolute, angelica and hint of oak moss. The flower essence and yarrow are neutral scents.


The 3 white flowers are like angels bringing hydration, purification and protection from the elements. Violet is good to cool dry irrattated skin, supports lymph system, and helps with sleep and brings peace. Angelica known for protection like yarrow supports helthy breathing, creating calm and emotional support. The white yarrow is a wonderful astringent for tightening pores, rich anti-oxidant, battles the free radicals responsible for skin aging, promoting a youthful complextion. And supports collagen production. This mist also has glycerin for a moist glow on the skin and is to best used on the face, especially if you live in a super dry environment. Carry it with you and mist as needed. Also, a very uplifting scent to use in your home, car or before bed.


Violet mist is in a 1oz blue glass bottle. You can also purchase the flower essence separtately in a 1/2 ounce dropper.

white violet morning dew purification hydrating mist

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