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New...... based on a water wheel ceremony I witnessed in Santa fe my friends were doing that actually brought water from underground up and then doing one up in the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  I've been working on this creation a long time, ever since I experienced the miracle of  these sacred geometry water wheels that connect through out the world to bring moisture and rain. Magic or just love and intention..... then bringing it all to fruitition with old world botanicals with hints of New Mexico's chaparral and sage and even taking a special workshop on the Art of Botanical Perfume at the School of Lost Arts,  to learn the worldly botanical scents through the elements.  


Most all of the botanicals in this scent are of the water element. Complex base notes of oak moss, vetiver balsam of Peru. Middle notes of carrot seed, basil and healing jasmine combined with local chaparral and our desert sage, artemeisia tridentata. Top notes of galbanum, fresh ginger and bergamont. Wow! Herbaceous, damp woods, misty with focus and eloquence.  I like to spray it above my head and let it fall like misty rain and to add moisture to my home. So nice especially if you live in dry lands where the drought is still present.


For the parfum botanical scents are infused in organic pear alchohol 180proof that brings a underlying new mexico scent that is full on with a little fire. Although it was not intended, but because bergamont is one of the top notes and oakmoss in the base notes, it is considered a Chypre perfume. This is a true perfume. It calls to young men as much as women.


This was fun to create, learning and letting the story unfold on many levels, physical and spritual incorporting the water element. Bringing olfactory awareness to moisture's varied and expansive qualities.


Take a walk on the wild side and reuivinate, heal and dream water with this symphony of botanical mist. Inspired by the 2022 calf canyon and /hermits peak fire that combined and was coming over the Jicarita mountian in Santa Barbara canyon near Taos. Hense the name Taos Rain Dance. Results were miraclulous.


Comes with a poem written by James Kavanaugh, local Taos poet extrodinaire.


Let it rain......  







taos rain dance mist & botanical parfum

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