Face polish and gentle exfoliater with purple Taos corn powder and atole mix, organic aloe vera gel inner leaf filament, and three of my favorite face herbs that I wildcraft locally in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. These include wild oregano to purify the skin, elderflower to soften and help make the skin more uniform and rose hips for the vitamin C.  


Gently rub in on your face with a wet wash cloth or fingers in small circles, morning or before bed is best. You will feel the softness after one application.


This is a oil clenser and exfoilator in one. Aloe vera has been used since ancient Greece to beautify the skin. It contains anti-oxidents, enzymes, vitamins A and C.  A favorite for dry skin and healing inflammation, cold sores, skin discoloration, and helps treat eczema and psoriasis.


Available in a travel vile or 1oz glass jar.


Earth beauty at its highest!




purple corn maiden skin polish