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For this anti-aging serum, I gather my own rose hips in mountains and river valleys in safe areas away from roads and agriculture. Usually in Mora Valley where they have the best soil or high up in El Valle near Truchas Peaks, at a friends secluded apple orchard near the river. Rose hips are known for their high vitamin C content, along with bioflavanoids, which are some of the best known anti-oxidants. This serum also has hemp oil for the omega 3s, my homemade rose oil from wild roses which have astringent properties and tighten the skin slightly, frankincense resin to protect against and heal wrinkles and evening primrose oil, which is high in rare linolenic acid also found in mothers milk and excellent for skin rejuvination. New borage seed oil restores moisure and smoothness to dry damaged skin. Base oils are Jojoba which retains moisture and vitamin E and C as natural preservatives.


This serum is a night treatment for the face, neck and chest area.  Kind of for all us baby boomers out there who didn't know the damaging effects of the sun back then, (you know who you are), LOL... who layed out in the sun with baby oil and tinfoil and who knows what else and has damaged their skin. This serum is designed to repair the skin with regular use.


Comes in two sizes, the .3oz new roll on packaging, is a nice travel size, with about 3 - 4 months usage.  You also have a choice of that same size in a regular bottle instead of rolling on and the larger size of 1/2 oz  also comes in a glass bottle and you get about 6 - 8 months use. 


Enjoy this incredible live fresh medicine for the skin.


  • Hi! I purchased several products at the Taos winter market and so far amazing! The anti aging oil has made my face so soft and the arnica sore muscle salve I couldn't believe it. My hip has been hurting for two weeks; it's no longer in pain. My knees feel great. I told a friend who is from New Mexico, living in San Antonio and she's eager to buy something from you soon.  I'm definitely going to keep telling everyone about your products. See you soon and I'll be purchasing more stuff. Thank you!          C.L.



essence of tranquility anti-aging serum

  • Lovely mild fankincense scent which is also the best for wrinkle repair. I  wildcraft my own rose hips and petals for this anti-aging serum for damaged skin. Food grade hemp for the omega 3s and great anti-oxident properties from borage flowers and evening primrose. This truly is tranquility for the skin. Apply to face, neck and decollete area before bed as a skin anti-aging treatment. 


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