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Now with hemp which has the healing properties of omega 3s and 6 to protect from sun damage. This is the ultimate herbal sunscreen that not only blocks out the suns rays in a natural way, but also treats and protects from other damaging effects from the sun. Shields and helps deter skin cancer with the Chaparral, which is what native tribes have been using in the southwest for centuries. Calendula is also a good anti-cancer herb that treats heat rash, redness and severe dry skin. I grow my own calendula flowers. Horsetail herb with a high silica content repairs and rebuilds collegen and helps the skin hold more moisture. Chickweed helps with itchiness from the hot sun and supplies us with needed minerals. Yerba negrita is one of the best emoillents and oregon grape root is like our goldenseal in the southwest and fights infection and treats dryness and acne.


This cream is especially nice as a face cream and you don't need to use another face cream with it, but can also use it anywhere on the body and it is waterproof. You would want to reapply about every 3 hours if you were in the water all day. Some of my best clients, who use this cream, live in Hawaii. The spf 30 is from the zinc oxide content but not the micro.  


It is hard to find a good natural sunscreen and people who buy this always buy it again. Has a nice sweet orange mild scent and comes in two sizes a 2 oz or large 4oz.


Keep on the sunny side of life with a good sunscreen!!


"It is the best!  I bought some a while back from you at the Santa fe market and couldn't find anything like it, so glad I kept the jar with your contact info and was able to order more!"

Scott Williams

Truckee Ca


"I really see a difference in my skin using your sunscreen and it is the ONLY sunscreen I have ever liked and therefore gotten into a healthy havit of using it regularly.  Thanks again for your fabulous product."


R. Rapp

Santa fe




hemp herbal sunscreenSPF 30 Keep on the Sunny Side

  • People love this all natural herbal sunscreen!   Especially nice for the face. Herbs to protect from the suns damaging effects. Now with hemp.



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