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Plants are ancesters too. Especially equisetum also known as horsetail being a mere 100 or so million years old. Some feel it is the oldest plant on the planet along with the ancient ferns. Just that it survived that long lets you know its powerful healing and survival capabilities. It is pure ancient silica, a living fossil, which collagen is made of. Collagen is made mainly of silica.  I hand harvest it high up in the mountains where it is far away from agriculture and where there might be pesticide residue in the soil. This serum also has elderflower to soften the skin and rose hip for pure vitamin C. All three I wild craft in the Sangre de Cristo mountains here near Taos. Bergamont ess oil adds a fresh scent and helps repair and add to collagen rejuvenation. All in Jojoba oil from the deserts of arizona. I use a company that protects whale harvesting for their oil in the Sea of Cortez and grows their own Jojoba trees with love. 


This is a facial night treatment to massage on the face before bed. We are more receptive to healing then when we are in a restful state and are brain wave patterns are in all four brain wave states. I designed this serum to be used for 3 weeks at a time as a facial treatment and after a month break another 3 week treatment. Comes in a green .5 oz bottle.


Enjoy the ancient wisdom from the plants.


Green Plant Ancestral Collagen oil

  • pure silica to repair the collagen, from one of the oldest plants equisetum that I harvest high up in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

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