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This lovely spray works on the energetic and vibrational level and contains mineral and flower essences to heal the heart in all its aspects. It is very oxygenating and contains for instance, local fireweed flower essence to help one feel their hearts joy, carnelian gem essence helps open the heart chakra, rose geranium to balance emotions, sacred basil helps get in touch with divine love and trillium grounds compassion with passion. You will get a list of how each essence works with the heart energies and a simple heart meditation, to send  heart energy to a loved one, the planet, a pet, or to yourself. 


If you do the meditation you want to spray a little to breathe in and a little on your heart area before doing it.  This remedy is also a room spray, body spray, bath or car spray. Very versatile for uplifting your environment.


And, recently discovered by healer Christine Redman, that with just one spray to breathe in daily, it will lift your numbers measuring vibration and life force considerably and brings stress levels way down. Wow, she can actually measure this and teaches classes how to do so. Because of this, the spray has become very well known among healers.  


I feel we relate so much in our heads today and get over stimulated easily. This is about getting more in touch and relating through are hearts more. So needed today with this face paced world. 


Relax, enjoy & destress. Feel more who we really are!


This spray comes with a muslin bag, meditation and list of how the ingredients help the heart.


I purchased your "open your heart spray"  back in 2016 and have enjoyed it ever since. This is my 3rd reorder!  Your products are truly special - there's a certain good energy in them!


Danial Pyne

Nov 11, 2022


" My spirit thanks you, my skin thanks you, my whole being thanks you!"

Greta Sibly


" I had met you one day at a festival near Santa Fe and brought back the Dreamtime oil and Open Your Heart spray.  I've had wonderful experiences with both and cannot wait to share your blissful products with friends and family! Thank you!"  Karl Marion




open your heart spray

SKU: 0005
  • Recommended by well known healer Christine Redman for proven to bring up your vibration, life force and stress levels down.  Comes with a simple heart meditation and  info sheet that describes what each essence does for your heart on different levels. Mist filled Bliss in a bottle! Guaranteed!!



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