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Elderberry immune boosting syrup from locally wild crafted Mora Valley rose hips for natural high vitamin C, horehound (manstranso) local wild anti-viral expectorant, osha root for anti-viral and anti-bacterial fighting qualities harvested late fall. Elderberry for top anti-viral protection, ionic zinc, orange zest, local High Desert Honey, and ginger root another good anti-viral.


I have sold this syrup at my markets for years in the Fall to boost ones immune system before the onset of colder temeratures and flu season. I have added a few more powerful anti-virals and zinc to specifically boost and stregthen the immune system to help combat Covid19. Take 1tsp 3 times a day for 10 days- 2 weeks and take a few days break and then continue as needed. 

Divine Elderberry Immune protection syrup

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