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 This is my lightest cream, good for sensitive skin and specific for the face. A moisture retaining toning cream. Wild rose is an astringent herb that will help slightly tighten the skin. I gather roses in the nearby foothills of the mountains. This cream also has the oldest plant on the planet equisetum also known as horsetail, said to be about 300 million years old, which has a naturally high silica content. Silica strengthens, rejuvinates and strengthens the collagen of the skin and helps the skin retain more moisture. I only harvest high up in the mountains away from any agriculture where there might be contaminants in the soil, near streams that are protected by the wilderness act.


This cream also has a little elderflower to help make the skin more uniform in color and softens. Rose water vortexed and magnetized to a high vibration. The one Edgar Case recommends. Apricot kernel for dry skin and frankincense is the best to soften and prevent wrinkles. Rose absolute for a dewiness and soft scent. And garnet mineral essence to purify the skin energetically. Wild garnet is indegious to the Sangre de Cristo mountains.


This cream is cooling and helps heal rosacea with horsetail being one of the best herbs to treatl it. Light pink color with soft natural scent.


Keep in a cool place out of direct sun. Refrigeration is best to retain the medicinal value.


People love this cream!


"Your natural wellness skin potions changed my skin care life. I am so grateful. The wild rose exquisite face cream is my go to daily moisturizer.   Your offerings are unparalleled!"

Sarah Vigil  Santa fe   March 2024 


"Love your product, can't believe how much better it is. It's half the price of the national brand I've been using for years and with much better results. Added bonus is supporting a small business like yours."

Sincerely,  Diane S.    June 2020


 "I have always had a hard time with any kind of moisturizer or cream on my face because I have very sensitive eyes that burn and water no matter what I have tried. Your cream does not do that and it makes my skin feel soft, wrinkles noticeably diminished and best of all, I have been able to stop use of all rosacea creams because your cream has taken care of the redness, blotchiness and breakouts from rosacea. I have had many compliments on my complexion, as I wear no make up at all, that makes me feel pretty good at my age. Several friends have asked for your contact information which I gladly shared. So Thank You for making a natural product that really works for me! "  T. Duvell  12/2018


wild rose exquisite face cream

  • This is an amazing moisture retaining tightening face cream. My lightest cream. I wildcraft my own wild roses, equisetum and elderflower for this cream. What could be nicer than putting wild roses on your face. Enjoy!


     Please see full product description on the left.

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