Carson-   new   nomadic earth scent     Take a walk in the high desert forest barefoot and awaken your senses to healing.  The new Carson Earth Scent is from wild-crafted artemisia tridentata desert sage and juniper twigs and berries which I gather and infuse with locally distilled pinyon needle and juniper berries.  All from Carson National Forest surrounding areas of Taos New Mexico.  This earth scent also has a natural preservative, vitamin E and Jojoba oil to retain the aroma on your body for a long time. 


Open your vial and feel the forest jump out and embrace your senses. Use as a natural perfume, anointing oil, centering and grounding to your true nature, remembering truth and beauty. Use it to open sinuses, calm a room, great for massage pressure points and being one with nature. Use your intuition to use for your own purpose or needs.



Peace Be With You


Carson Nomadic Earth Scent