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Intoxication never knew such depths...this scent will warm your heart. Woodsy, smoky, warm & sensual, with undertones of floral & forest connecting us to wildlands. Healing and fulfilling, the amber softens and warms, wild-crafted wild rose is purifying, and rose wood awakens and balances. All three are known for their calming properties.


The amber fossilized tree resin with rosewood's enlivening forest scent comes through. The rose scent is more neutral and gives strength being wild-crafted and infused in jojoba as a carrier oil. 


This has been my most popular nomadic earth scent for years. I discovered later after creating it that the combination of amber and rose was used as a heart balm in medieval days.  Massage a few drops near your heart area for solace and connection.


1 dram amber vial $18

2 dram amber vial $27


Comes with a poem by Marshall Kavanaugh

local Taos poet

amber wild rose nomadic earth scent

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