I offer these beautiful mini oils in 1 oz frosted glass bottles, for herbalist or people who like to mix their own remedies.  I am making them anyways for my products and is what I like about the simple oils, is they are great for bath oil and adding your own blend of essential oils to them. These are all wild crafted herbs in a infused carrier oil with vitamin E as a preservative.


Many people are also washing their face today with oil instead of soap because of the harsh chemicals most soaps have in them. The oil is a good way to hydrate the skin at the same time. My favorite for washing the face is the rose hip oil. Pure vitamin C for the skin. The elderflower is amazing for softening the skin and treating skin discoloration. St. Johns wort externally is a great nervine and is nice on your ankles after a long day. It also helps wounds to heal faster. Arnica is a counter-irritant and will bring circulation to the damaged area, help with inflammation and is excellent for bruising. 


To wash your face with one of these oils. Just dampen a washcloth with lukewarm water, springwater if you have it, and add your oil in a small area on the damp cloth and gently wipe your face with it.


All my mini oils are infused in grape seed oil, which has the most anti-oxidants, absorbs the quickest and has pain releiving qualites. Because I am representing Western Herbalism in my remedies, I also like grape seed for the fact that it would be indigeous and we do have wild grapes in the southwest.

wild-crafted mini oils

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  • healing wild crafted mini oils for the herbalist or person who likes to create their own remedy.  Beautiful 1oz frosted jars.

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