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Finally the season!   Violets Embrace nomadic perfume and lymphatic massage oil is here.


Wild Violet nomadic perfume I make with local wild violet flowers  infused and enhanced with a little anjelica root, evening primrose and jojoba oil for a long lasting scent.   Vitamin E as a preservative with rare violet absolute. Embrace the etheral scent of spring. Everyone has a violet story to tell.


Wild Violet Lymph Drainage massage oil, is great for a spring clense. By activating our lymph system we cleanse all of our organs.


Bring in springtime with lovely local herbs to help get circulation going and treat the lymph system.  Viiolet flower and leafs are some of the lymph systems best friends, and to gently rub in where the lymph glands are can be very healing and help with lymph system drainage. Angelica root, a counter-irritant herb helps to bring circulation to the area, a good anti-inflammatory herb that is also anti-spasmatic and can relieve joint pain. Known as the herb of the angels through out history and folklore. Scullcap, fireweed and evening primrose are all mild herbal sedatives to help relax the system, known as nervines, good for pain, inflammation and are anti-spasmotic. All found in the Sangre de Cristo mountains nearby.


These herbs work together in a soothing base of almond and jojoba oil with grapeseed. Jojoba retains moisture and holds the violet scent while grapeseed will treat general stiffness and is becoming well known to help firbromyailgia. Vitamin E as a presevative.


This massage oil has a lovely violet scent with rare violet absolute. What a great way to embrace Spring and new beginnings. 

violets embrace wild nomadic perfume

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