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Trementina is an old remedy in the southwest handed down in families where everyone makes it a little different. I love my mix. People don't realize what an amazing skin healer osha root is. It heals infection like no other. I also like the chaparral in there, as it makes my salve a little more like what is called a black salve to help heal and draw out skin cancer. Native tribes use chaparral for this purpose and chaparral also adds more drawing power being a drawing herb like the pinyon sap. Chaparral also has natural anti-biotic qualites, and helps with pain and swelling. Some of the grandmother chaparral bushes are the oldest on the planet. Up to 17,000 years old in the Sanoran desert. This alone tells how powerfull the plant is.


This salve draws out poisons from spider bites, bee stings, acne, boils, skin ulcers and angent orange, to name a few.  When questionable spots appear and you think it might have a possiblity of being cancerous, it is worth trying this first. Unless your prefer to spend thousands of dollars verses $14. Trementina will pull a sliver out in about a day and a half and it even heals those brown recluse spider bites beautifully. Clients bring me pictures and tell their stories.


Trementina is also excellent for use on animals. When you apply it, just distract the animals attention with a treat or walk, so they dont lick it in the first minute or two. It will absorb quick.  It is great for helping to heal stitches or other open wounds.


This is a great remedy for most anything you want to draw out and heal. Men love this scent and it can help heal construction and gardners hands from severe cracks and roughness. I have had some people buy it because it reminds them of being in the woods.


"During my visit to Santa fe this spring I met you at the Farmers Market and purchased trementina.  It has worked like nothing I have ever tried  before in dealing with misquito bites. I'm a strong reactor and get welts that itch for a week or more.   Thank you!"   Margaret Weber   Chicago IL 


"Hello Cindy dear, I am writing from Bali to thank you, once again, for your amazing product, Trementina!! I had a bad fall 2 weeks ago and had a large cut on the center of my forehead. I used your Trementina on it and through it was quite deep it helped keep me safe from a massive infection, as I fell in a kind of dangerous spot. After one week of your product. I tried the usual American antibiotic, Neosporin, and 2 days later stopped it as it was nowhere as good; and went back to your most special ointment. I was so glad I had brought 2 jars with me to Bali.

My cut has almost healed and is leaving an almost invisible scar, right on my third eye area!! Thank you again for your help with my health..I miss you. It is THE BEST TOPICAL ANTIBIOTIC I HAVE EVER USED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


PS I am not able to use any antibiotic pills ever, so your ointment is invaluable to me especially!!

Tema Sines

trementina "manna of the mountains"

Option 1
  • All of our main medicine in the southwest in one jar, osha root, chaparral and pinyon sap.

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