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Locally distilled Taos Sage, artemisia tridentata, with a bit of local cedar leaf essential oil. Now in a base of aloe vera juice to make all 3 ingredients anti-viral. Widely used in the early 1900's pandemic in New Mexico homes to help keep viruses at bay and clense the air. A great purifiyer and up-lifter for home, body or bath. I like the mini size for travel and car.


If you have been in New Mexico deserts after a rain storm, you already know what this spray smells like. It is the wonderful healing scent of our sage as it permeates the air with moisture. 


You can use this spray in many ways. It works as a smudge (purifying) spray but brings in the water element instead of the fire element found in smudge sticks. Easy to use for home clearing, body, or car. Very versatile. Great anti-viral and bacterial spray to help heal infection, keep hands clean, spray into a shower or steam room or spray the top of your wood stove in the winter for blast of desert moisture and aromas. If you don't have a wood stove, it is worth finding a friend who does and try it at their house.


Men especially are drawn to this powerfull high desert scent and anyone who loves the smell of the southwest desert. A great gift to be reminded of a trip to this area. 







sacred Taos smudge spray

Option 1
  • Locally distilled Taos desert sage. Use it to purify your space and reconnect with the sweet powerful smell of the southwests deserts after a rain storm.


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