Let the first flowers of spring in the high country wild violets help heal and protect your skin against skin cancer. This cream contains local wild crafted violets and rare violet absolute. Lavender soothes, is calming  and cooling to the skin. Plantain is one of our best wound healers. Self heal was known as a heal-all herb in medieval days. A well known anti-viral herb.  It is quite prolific in the Sangre de Cristo's along high mountain streams.  Lemon balm refreshes and promotes healing. 


The main purpose of this cream is to get more in touch with lunar rhythms and cycles as many herbalist feel some of our health problems today can stem from not getting enough moon energy. It is a balancing cream.


The Moon Goddess cream is also an anti-viral cream with four anti-viral herbs, that soothes the skin and would be worth trying to help heal any viral skin condition such as shingles. Lavender, aloe vera, lemon balm and self heal are all anti-viral.


A great gift and lovely mild natural scent of violets and lavender. Comes with a muslin gift bag.


" I met you in Taos in October. I've loved the Moon Goddess cream as well as the eye cream! Thank you for making such a beautiful product line!"



moon goddess earth cream

  • Lunar herbs that respond more to lunar cycles than solar cycles.  The aloe vera juice is infused with the full moons rays before it is added into the cream.  

    see full description on the left

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