Mugwort has been used since ancient times to help with sleep and accessing deeper dream states. Blue Spruce and mugwort are companion plants that grow together and both help with restfull sleep. The mint family is also good and there are four mints in here, among them passion flower, which is my favorite for not waking up groggy but feeling fresh and ready to go. Lemon balm, a good memory herb helps also, sacred basil is a holy mint used in India to protect ones dwelling. People put the plant in front of their homes.  A great sleep aid with protection. Sweet orange can be uplifting and at the same time help us relax. Local lavender to help clear non-stop mind chatter. Vitamin E as a preservative.  I love this mix and felt it was complete when I found the perfect blue spruce.


For sleep use 20 minutes before bed. Tip the bottle and apply a dab on the temples, beginning of both eyebrows and a little under the nose to breathe in. You will get about eight months usage from this size bottle.


It is also excellent for headaches and you just rub gently on the headache. If it is a migraine and you know the trail, also massage it in that area gently too.


And, great for stress!  Just a dab under the nose during the day to breathe in. You can also use as a bath oil too but it will go quick.


It comes in a sleeping lady print muslin bag or blue gauze bag and a rolled up mini instuction sheet. Great gift for restless sleepers.


Great to keep a journal if you want to use it for therapy and recovering deeper dream states.


Sweet Dreams!


"I had met you one day at a festival near Santa Fe and brought back the Dreamtime oil and Open Your Heart spray.  I've had wonderful experiences with both and cannot wait to share your blissful products with friends and family.  Thank you!   Karl Marion

dreamtime oil

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  • Being an herbalist most of the herbs in this mix are hand gathered and infused for weeks in a carrier oil. The dream time also has three essential oils. The ancient Egyptions also used to combine infused with essential oils too.  Blue spruce is my favorite in here. Recently discovered to have the highest vibration of any plant. Helps with sleep, headaches and stress.

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