This is a simple powerful remedy for acute pain, sore muscles, recent injury & athletes in general. Famous for helping with bruising.  Arnica, is a counter-irritant herb and will bring the circulation to the damaged area to help heal quickly, it is also analgesic pain relieving and a great anti-inflammatory herb. You do not want to put it on a open wound though only for damage near the surface on the skin. Saint Johns wort, I also harvest in the mountains. It can help if there is nerve pain and it will expedite the healing process.  A great combo and then the wintergreen is my drawing agent to draw out.


The arnica has great sun energy with bright yellow petals and I gather it as its peak which is right near the summer solstice. It grows high up above 7500 feet on rough banks where you would need it if you fell and hurt yourself.


A great gift for athletes, dancers, bike riders, and hikers, who are using there muscels almost daily.


arnica sore muscle salve

  • I gather my own arnica here in the Sangre de Cristo mountains!  This salve helps with acute pain where my arthritis cream helps with chronic pain.


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